domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

New alpha version of Humans Must Prevail available on Kongregate

I've just published the second alpha of Humans Must Prevail.

This new version includes several changes to make the game a lot more enjoyable:
  • Police Cars and Police Men: The police cars chase you a lot faster than tanks, and are a little bit more agile, but they don't attack you directly. When near you, a police man gets out of it and chases you until close to you, when it begins firing with its rifle.
  • Bomber planes crash: When a bomber plane gets shot down, it falls to the ground and explodes, dealing damage to everything in its blast radius.
  • More energy drops: Buildings now drop a lot more energy from being destroyed so you can use more skills.
  • Customization screen: Now you can customize your monster with different (bare) pieces that grant you different bonuses and penalties.
That's all for now, go play it on Kongregate and track Humans Must Prevail on IndieDB.

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