sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Working under social stress and the cryptocoins

Been a little without posting anything here. It mostly has been because my country has had LOTS of social problems and people are in the streets vandalizing/killing/getting-killed... no biggie...

But seriously, i've been living under terror here on my country the last month with these shitheads preferring violence instead of dialogue.

Back to business, i have been developing a gaming site geared towards the cryptocoin community. What i have found is that most people using cryptos for gaming are either gambling or buying steam keys with cryptos, which are two rather non-imaginative use cases for crypto currencies.

So, in light of this, i've decided to implement my own ideas for a site that would become the de-facto standard for cryptocurrencies gaming.

Not only the games can be bought with coins, but some of the games will have certain characteristics exploiting the interesting things of cryptos.

Right now, i'm introducing a game that people can bet against each other for the highest score, but certain features of cryptocurrencies will be implemented in the future that will bring more exciting innovations, i'm just not ready to spill the beans on those ;)

Anyways, the test site is @ http://viciousrobotrodent.appspot.com you can currently "practice" (there's still no betting) and the wallet implementation is almost done, and the currency being used right now is Skeincoin, which is a really nice and secure coin with a pretty unique algorithm and easily minable.

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