domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2015

Logic Bricks on Ganymede Gate

Current developments on Ganymede Gate have brought the attention of some people regarding its implementation.

Namely, the Logic Bricks are the mechanism i'm using to develop traps and gadgets in-game. The name implies it all:

  • Logic: They imply certain actions or conditions that are either actuatable or trigger actuators.
  • Bricks: They are isomorphic to the grid in-game, occupying exactly one tile at a time and actuating either on its tile or on the surrounding tiles.
The idea, off course, isn't new, i drew inspiration from several sources, one of the most prominent was a game i played several years ago called "Carnage Heart" on the Playstation console. The game had an engine capable of processing certain variables from the surroundings of a robot (called OKEs) and actuate accordingly.
Carnage Heart's programming "bricks" (Source: Wikipedia)
So, for Ganymede Gate, i removed directionality (as i wasn't interested in it) and used a particular subset related to roguelike "idioms":
You can download this image for further reference from my google drive.

So, on each turn, every power signal that hits a wire gets propagated to all the adjacent wires (wires have 0-turn wait for propagation), and then when a logic brick that needs activation has a powered wire adjacent, it begins performing its function. Powered bricks also power other adjacent bricks.

All this gets tucked in a layer 3 levels deep from the tile layer on REXPaint when creating prefabs for the level.

Here are some examples of traps and gadgets available on the game at the moment. Can you guess what they do?

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